Notable Achievements of Politicians from Central Texas

The Castro family's story in the United States is one of resilience and ambition. Victoria Castro, their grandmother, arrived in Texas as an orphan child and worked tirelessly to give her daughter and grandchildren a better life. Joaquín Castro, inspired by his grandmother's story, is determined to build an Infrastructure of Opportunities so that future generations can pursue their own American dream. He believes that just like there is a transportation infrastructure that helps us get where we want to go on the road, there is an infrastructure of opportunity that helps Americans get where they want to go in life.

This infrastructure includes excellent public schools and universities, a strong health system, and well-paying jobs. As a congressman, Joaquín remains a tireless defender of those who call San Antonio home. Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O'Rourke have both served in Congress for six years. During this time, they have both achieved remarkable successes. Cruz has been a strong advocate for military families and has worked to reduce taxes and mitigate program cuts.

O'Rourke has been a champion for education and has pushed for investments in education and infrastructure. He has also been an advocate for those who have been abandoned by society, such as the students in Cotulla who were given a shred of hope and pride in their achievements. In addition to Cruz and O'Rourke, Congressman Lloyd Bentsen Johnson has also made significant contributions to Central Texas politics. Johnson was described as an old-fashioned liberal who had profited from the war and exposed himself to few risks. He easily won a sixth term in 1948 and remains an important figure in Texas politics today. The politicians from Central Texas have achieved many notable successes during their time in Congress.

From supporting military families to investing in education, they have all worked hard to create an infrastructure of opportunity for San Antonians and Americans across the country. They have also been advocates for those who have been abandoned by society, giving them hope and pride in their achievements.